Project Management


R&G Associates uses proven Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices to support engagements that range from very large and complex to  smaller, targeted component-based projects. Our processes quickly and  efficiently manage scope, schedules, cost, resources, risks/issues, and  change management. We manage our projects at a detailed-level, but we  believe that status reporting should be visual, and that simpler,  exception-based status reporting is the best approach.

IV&V / Project Oversight


Our Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) and Project Oversight services provide a third-party  oversight for both public and private sector organizations. These services are used  to evaluate complex technology projects from an independent perspective. Efforts can focus on a one-time assessment or an ongoing approach throughout the lifecycle of the project for more  complex technology initiatives.

Change Management


 Our change management services increase the successful  implementation of technology change in an organization. Change management provides a structured  approach to enabling the transitions required by an organization’s  initiative. Projects with excellent change management met or exceeded  objectives 95% of the time, while projects with poor or no change  management met or exceeded objectives 15% of the time. Working with our change management consultants is an excellent way to increase project success rates. 

Procurement Support


Our procurement management can enable public sector agencies to reduce costs, improve efficiency and generate real and lasting value. Ranging from feasibility studies to full procurement life-cycle support, we help our clients anticipate, plan for, and mitigate risks and obstacles that lead to breakdowns in the procurement process.